During the end of 2012 I went on a self funded research trip to Southeast Asia. Encompassing Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. While travelling I volunteered teaching English at an orphanage, a local monastery, a local police station and also volunteered at an elephant sanctuary. My experiences in these places and their people had a profound impact on my work. These countries have rich cultural histories, although in recent memory their people have went through horrifying events which include war and genocide. Even though the recent histories of these countries are harrowing the people I came across were great and I was lucky to get a glimpse of their world. While I was there I gathered a large wealth of research material which includes photography and sketchbook work. Since obtaining this research I have produced both 2 and 3 dimensional work on the subject.

A selection of sketchbook work with images that span across all the countries I visited.

A selection of sketchbook work dedicated to the tragic happenings within the S-21 Prison in Cambodia.

Large completed drawings from research done on the S-21 Prison.

The beginning of works from Vietnam