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"Since graduating in 2010 with a first class honors degree, Stephen Kavanagh has remained active and continuously strives to improve his practice. Exhibiting extensively across the United Kingdom has allowed him to built a positive reputation within the arts community in Scotland. Within a 4 year period Stephen has exhibited in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London numerous times and is now looking to introduce his work to a European audience here in Italy.


“Place” is a strong presence within his work, the notions of memory and the perceptions of the built environment are apparent in his practice. These aspects have greatly influenced his life, leading to several research trips which have stretched across areas in Europe, Asia and North America. As a recipient of the RSA John Kinross Scholarship he was afforded the opportunity to live in Florence, experience the culture and the history. This has lead to many works being produced about the city, stemming from both his own personal experience and the history of this iconic city. Stephen’s approach to his practice continuously changes in relation to the subject matter. Materials and methods are the direct result of what is needed by the projects he undertakes. Allowing him to maintain a certain amount of sensitivity, focusing on the needs of the work.


This experimental approach he strives for has created an extremely diverse portfolio of works. Although architectonic in nature, the materials and results can be worlds apart. From clear resin cast air raid shelters to steal factory shells, each holds a resonance with the original location. The materials are the direct result of the research, relatable materials and actions dictate the outcome. Currently Stephen is attending Edinburgh College of Art and is working towards obtaining his MFA degree this summer."


David Cass