Sono Stanco: A Refusal of Entry

It is hard to ignore the Grand Hotel Majestic in Florence. It is one of the first structures you see when you step of the train at Santa Maria Novella trainstation. I was attracted to this building since the first time i laid my eyes on it. Forcibly trying to blend into the surrounding architecture but failing, trying to mix modern design with the Florentine tradition.


During my time in Florence I noticed this structure appeared to not be in use, but homeless people took refuge in the alcoves that surround the extremities of the structure. Exploring this phenomenon I developed a body of work for the exhibition entitled 'Memorial'. The sculpture "Sono Stanco: a refusal of entry" was made with a blanket material on the exterior and the interior is cladded with a sheet used on the street.


“Sono Stanco” translation “I’m tired” refers to the fatigue that both the structure and the people witness daily, noting a collapse in the relationship between the two elements, breaking from the norm denying entry.


Exhibited Drawings

Exhibited Sculpture

Memorial Installation View