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Installation view from 'When the Moon Hits Your Eye' Exhibition, Shoreditch Town Hall, London


Installation view, RSA New Contemporaries 2011

Upcoming Exhibitions/Activities


Frag'ment (Terra Non-Firma) - Meadows Gallery, Summerhall, Edinburgh, 5th April - 23rd June 2019


Robert Callender: Plastic Beach, Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh, 12th May - 8th July 2018


Most Recent Exhibitions/Activities


Lateral Labs Residency, Kinghorn Scotland, September 2017


Stories can set with time, just like rock, 5 Year Gallery, London 23rd July - 25th July 2017


Hidden Door Festival, Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, 26th May - 4th June 2017


Robert Callender Residency for Young Artists, Japan, 19th November - 24th December 2016


Fright Night, Five Year Gallery, London 30th October 2016

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Installation view, Let me tell you a story about my dust pile..., Embassy Gallery's Annuale, 2014

DSC05260 internet

Installation view, Japan Experiment 27, Summerhall, 2019